How To Run The Queries

For developers, the main way to interact with a cell store is by means of a REST API. Each cell store comes with a REST API.

Cell stores can be set up and filled with data imported from XBRL archives, or from other sources (relational, XML, ...).

For convenience, we provide a public cell store that is populated with real-world data.

It contains all archives publicly submitted to the SEC's EDGAR system, as well as those submitted to the Japanese FSA by the top 9 NIKKEI companies. URLs begin with

and there is an entry point that supports HTML navigation.

Complimentary token

Each call to the REST API must be made with an authentication token. We provide you with the following read-only token for these both repositories for free, and with no guarantee:


Private usage of this token is free and we only bill for commercial use.

If you are interesting in setting up a repository with any other kind of data, do not hesitate and contact us. We are here for you at and would love to help.