Rules Metadata

The following fields appear in the output of the rules endpoint:

  • Type: the type of rule: validation against existing facts or formula to compute new facts.
  • Label: a user-friendly description of the rule.
  • ValidatedConcepts: if a validation, the name of the concepts being validated.
  • ComputedConcept: the name of the concept being computed. In case of a validation, this is a new concept with a boolean data type.
  • Kind: the kind of validation if applicable: RollUp or RollForward.
  • Source: the origin of the rule (calculation, formula, manual, etc).
  • Parent: in case of a roll-up or roll-forward, the target concept (total).
  • Children: in case of a roll-up or roll-forward, the operand concepts.
  • Formula: The rule written in JSONiq.