Copies an existing archive. The new archive copy will retain all the data (components, report-elements, facts, footnotes) of the copied archive and will have a new Archive ID. Optionally a new Entity ID for the copied archive can be specified.


Name Type Description Profile
format query Returns the results in the supplied format  
token query The token that allows you to use this API. Gives you read (GET) and/or write (POST, DELETE, PATCH) credentials.  
from-aid query Archive ID of the archive or taxonomy to copy.  
aid query Archive ID of the archive or taxonomy.  
eid query The EID (scheme + local name) of a company.  
insert-entity query If false, and the specified new Entity ID is not present in the Cellstore an error is raised. If true, the missing entity is inserted. (Default is true)  
copy-facts query Whether to copy the archive facts or not.  

Status codes

Code Description
200 Archive has been copied.
401 Unauthorized: the specified project token is invalid, expired, or has insufficient privileges.
403 Access denied.
404 No such entity or archive could be found.
409 Archive already exists.
500 An internal error occurred during the processing of the request.