List Entities

All entities

You can retrieve all entities with the ALL entity-tag:

You should be careful making this call, however, if the repository is bigger. The API supports paging, so that the top parameter used above will only select the first 20. You can access the next page with the skip parameter, like so:

[Public datalake] You can retrieve all entities with the top and skip parameters

curl -X GET ""

For convenience, we are using the HTML format in the above example: paging is supported with a link at the bottom.

Getting companies by stock index

On some profiles, some tags are defined with other values that often represent stock indices.

You can retrieve all companies in an index with a single call. Here is an example with the DOW30:

And here is one with the NIKKEI (which requires the Japanese profile).

Look up a specific entity

This query retrieves a company, say, Apple. Apple's ticker is aapl. This doesn't require explicitly setting the SEC profile because it is activated by default in this cell store deployment.

The same company can be retrieved, in the SEC profile, with its CIK:

The following query retrieves a Japanese company, say, Canon. Canon's ticker is 7751. This requires the Japanese profile.

In the Japanese profile, the EDINET code is also available: