Report Element Metadata

Generic metadata

The metadata available depends on the profile. However, there are a few fields that are always here:

Metadata that only applies to concepts

Some further fields only apply to Concepts, because they have to do with how facts can be reported against them:

  • IsNillable: specifies if it is allowed to report a null value against it.
  • PeriodType: specifies if facts reported against this Concept must have a Period that is a duration (e.g., January 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2013) or an instant (e.g., December 31st, 2014). For example Assets will have an instant PeriodType, while Income will have a duration PeriodType.
  • DataType: specifies which type of value facts may report against them. For example, Assets has to be associated with a monetary type.
  • Balance: specifies if the value reported against the Concept is a credit or a debit. This is useful for making sure, when adding the data, that the additions are consistent (credit adds to credit, debit adds to debut, debit is substracted from credit, etc).