The cell store REST API has several endpoints:

Name (link to API reference) Description Methods
entities Works with entities GET, POST, DELETE
archives Works with archives GET, POST, DELETE
taxonomies Works with taxonomies POST
periods Works with fiscal periods GET
sections Works with sections GET, POST, DELETE
components Works with components GET
report-elements Works with report elements GET, POST, DELETE
modelstructure-for-component Works with the model structure of a component GET
facts Works with facts GET, POST
facttable-for-component Works with the fact table of a component GET
facttable-for-report Works with the fact table of a report GET
spreadsheet-for-component Works with the spreadsheet view of a component GET
spreadsheet-for-report Works with the spreadsheet view of a report GET

Each endpoint is associated with a different set of parameters, but many of them are common to several endpoints and share the same semantics.

As a rule of thumb, each chapter of this tutorial explains one endpoint. We recommend taking the time to read these chapters to get a soft introduction to them. The API reference for each of them is meant to be the ultimate source of documentation for each parameter once the developer is familiar with the basics of the REST API.