In a typical XBRL setting, companies, or banks, etc, must submit archives to a reporting authority: the SEC, the Japanese FSA, the EBA, etc.

Companies are reporting entities. The entities interface provides metadata, such as name, ticker, etc, about the entities against which data has been stored in the cell store.

Entities can be identified in ways that differ from country to country. Hence, the cell store API supports profiles that make it more convenient to use. For example, in a repository of Japanese or American companies, the ticker parameter is available and its format (ko, 7751, ...) depends on the country.

Other codes are available depending on the regulation authority: for example, the EDINET code in Japan or the CIK in the United States. Often, entities are also tagged with stock indices (DOW30, NIKKEI, ...).

There is an identifier, though, that is available across all profiles: the Entity ID, also called EID, even though its format may still vary depending on the profile.

API Reference

We provide a complete reference to the REST API for entities.

Spreadsheet analogy

In the spreadsheet analogy, an entity is a Excel user.