Identify Sections

Sections are uniquely identified with an Archive ID and a section URI.

Look up a specific section

If you would like to look for a specific section, there are several ways.

Within an archive, a section is identified with its URI with the section parameter.

You can also query across several archives, for example by looking over all archives by NIKKEI companies. This works with EDINET because section URIs are standardized. This would not work as well with SEC filings because the section URIs are then company specific.

An easier way to look for sections when you don't know its network URI is to use disclosures. The available disclosures depend on the profile. In the case of EDINET and TDNET, there are three standard disclosures: BalanceSheet, StatementOfIncome and StatementOfCashFlows. These disclosures have been made with heuristics based on the role of the filing and its content.