Within an archive, facts are organized in components, and these components are grouped in sections. In a fiscal filing, for example, there is very often a section for a balance sheet, for an income statement, etc.

Sections contain the metadata (report elements) used and shared by all its components.

A section may only have one component (which happens quite often), or several.

Sections are identified with a URI.

API Reference

We provide a complete reference to the REST API for sections.

Spreadsheet analogy

Sections can be seen as sheets of a spreadsheet.

XBRL terminology

In XBRL, a section corresponds to an extended link role. The section URI is the URI of this extended link role.

In each section (extended link role), presentation networks should fulfill a consistency requirement in the way they organize report elements.

Parent-child relationships between report elements are only allowed as follows (column headers are parents, row headers are children).

None H D M LI A C
Hypercube OK no no no no OK no
Dimension no OK no no no no no
Member no no OK OK no no no
LineItems no OK no no no no no
Abstract OK no no no OK OK OK
Concept OKish no no no OK OK OKish