Select or eliminate cells

You can select specified rows or columns of a spreadsheet with the row and column parameters.

The value of these parameters corresponds to the value of the virtual aspects xbrl28:SpreadsheetRow and xbrl28:SpreadsheetColumn associated with each cell in the spreadsheet output. The topmost, leftmost cell has coordinates (1,1), that is counting begins with 1.

You can also choose to automatically remove rows and columns that are empty with the eliminate parameter.

Elimination does not reassign row and column numbers, that is, cells keep the coordinates assigned before elimination.

When you eliminate, you can specify a threshold of elimination between 0 and 100. If the threshold is set to 0 (which is the default), only fully empty rows and columns are eliminated. With 100, everything is eliminated. With a value inbetween, say, 50, the rows and columns with less than 50% of filled cells are eliminated. In this case, this eliminates the third column, which is a period for which only a value is reported from a previous year.