Entity Metadata

If you look at the output of a query in the JSON format, say:

you will see that it contains some meta information such as the time of the request, and some statistics. In this example, the database contains 12,000+ entities, and one is being returned. The entities that have been requested (in this case just one) are in the Entities array. All other endpoints have this same structure (metainformation and array containing results).

  "Comment" : "Generated by 28.io, for more information see http://www.28.io/xbrl (2016-02-02T13:00:05.39796Z)", 
  "Statistics" : {
    "NumEntities" : 1,
    "TotalNumEntities" : 12763
  "Entities" : [
      "Archives" : "http://secxbrl.28.io/v1/_queries/public/api/archives?token=c3049752-4d35-43da-82a2-f89f1b06f7a4&eid=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sec.gov%2FCIK%200000320193&format=json&profile-name=sec&language=en-US&archiveFiscalYear=ALL&archiveFiscalPeriod=ALL",
      "EIDs" : [ "http://www.sec.gov/CIK 0000320193" ],
      "Profiles" : {
        "SEC" : {
          "Name" : "SEC",
          "CompanyName" : "APPLE INC",
          "CompanyType" : "Corporation",
          "CIK" : "0000320193",
          "IsTrust" : false,
          "SIC" : "3571",
          "SICDescription" : "ELECTRONIC COMPUTERS",
          "SICGroup" : 3,
          "Taxonomy" : "ci",
          "Sector" : "Industrial/Commercial Machinery/Computer Equipment",
          "Tickers" : [ "aapl" ],
          "Tags" : [ "FORTUNE100", "RUSSELL1000", "ALLSTARS", "SP500" ],
          "EntityName" : "APPLE INC",
          "EntityRegistrantName" : "APPLE INC"
      "Source" : "Feed"

Generic metadata

The metadata available depends on the profile. However, there are is one field that are always here:

  • EIDs: The list of entity IDs (EIDs) that identify this entity in the cell store.

SEC-specific metadata

In the Japanese profile, there are a few more:

  • CIK: The central index key.
  • SIC: The SIC code.
  • CompanyName: The user-friendly name of the company.
  • Sector: A user-friendly description of the sector.
  • Tickers: A list of tickers that identify the company on stock exchanges.
  • Tags: A list of tags (typically stock indexes).

Japan-specific metadata

In the Japanese profile, there are a few more:

  • TDNETCode: The TDNET code
  • EDINETCode: The EDINET code.
  • SubmitterName: The user-friendly Japanese name of the company.
  • SubmitterNameAlphabetic: The user-friendly English name of the company.
  • SecuritiesCode: The ticker.
  • Industry: A user-friendly description of the industry.
  • AccountClosingDate: The date at which fiscal reporting periods end.