Add a Label

You can add a new label using the POST method on the labels endpoint. You need a token with write privileges, otherwise a 401 or 403 will be sent back.

Label format

All fields for a label are mandatory and correspond to the identifiers of the label plus its value.

    "AID" : "my-archive",
    "SectionURI" : "",
    "ReportElement" : "my:Dimension",
    "Role" : "http://"
    "Language" : "de-CH",
    "Value" : "Das isch mis dimensiönli"

In general, any object output by a GET on the labels endpoint will be accepted in a POST, so that you can take labels from an existing archive with a GET and feed them into another archive with a POST.

You can post several labels at a time by sending them concatenated, with no comma separator.

In case of success, the response body contains a copy of the label objects as they have been stored, after post-processing.

Common HTTP errors

  • 400: when the input is invalid or contains duplicate labels or inconsistent information.
  • 401: when the token is missing.
  • 403: when you do not have the appropriate write access credentials.
  • 404: when the archive, section or report element is not found.
  • 409: when the label already exists.

Further reference

The reference for the REST API including the JSound schema for the input is documented here