Within a section, facts are organized in components.

Components complete the metadata of a section with a hypercube that selects data (facts). However, the data is decoupled from the components, so that several components may share the same facts.

Components are identified with (i) a section and (ii) a hypercube. Hypercubes filter data, while sections organize it. In many cases though, the section is enough, since only one hypercube is available for it.

API Reference

We provide a complete reference to the REST API for components.

Spreadsheet analogy

Components can be seen as tables that are displayed on a sheet of a spreadsheet file.

XBRL terminology

In XBRL, a hypercube corresponds to a hypercube item. So, in an archive, a component is uniquely identified by an extended link role (URI of the section) and the QName of a hypercube within this link role.

There are cases were an extended link role URI can contain several hypercubes. There are also cases where the same hypercube can be reused across different extended link roles.