Default Dimension Values

Let's experiment some more. Why don't we try to make jppfs-cor:ConsolidatedOrNonConsolidatedAxis non-filtering?

There are two facts in the output. One from our previous filtering (jppfs-cor:ConsolidatedOrNonConsolidatedAxis=jppfs-cor:NonConsolidatedMember) and the one which was too small to fit (without the jppfs-cor:ConsolidatedOrNonConsolidatedAxis key aspect).

Default values make smaller facts fit in a hypercube

If you look closely though, you will notice something. The second fact does carry this dimension, but with a special value xbrl28:Domain. If you look at the audit trail, you will probably understand what happened: this fact was too small and was "pumped up" to fit in the bigger hypercube. To that aim, the dimension was added with the default value xbrl28:Domain.

Default dimension values are part of the cell store magic. Thanks to them, cell stores support roll-ups: typically, facts that miss a dimension have the semantics that they carry an aggregate value over that entire dimension value space. For example, a fact with no country dimension will be the sum of all facts with this country dimension (all other aspects being equal).

Specifying your own default value

In this very precise case though, the semantics is slightly different: facts with no jppfs-cor:ConsolidatedOrNonConsolidatedAxis dimension are considered to be non consolidated.

We can make this clear by changing the default value with an extra parameter consisting of the dimension with the suffix ::default, like so: